What a study day in my life looks like

3 min readJan 5, 2021


Today I am going to show you all, what a typical study day in my life looks like.

Before we get started a brief summery for what I am studying for and when and where. I am currently studying for my exams at the end of this semester which will take place at the end of January and at the beginning of February. My graduation will be a Bachlore of Sciences in Banking & Finance. Currently I am in my third semester and with finishing my upcoming exams I will start my fourth semester in March. So let’s get started with a study day in my life!!!

My study days are usually Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and sometimes the weekend days. During the other days of the week I have classes from morning till the late afternoon, therefor I am not really in the mood to study anymore nor have I the energy.

On my study days I get up around 8am. Luckily I am not a person who sleeps until lunch time and gets up around the same time everyday without setting an alarm.

After waking up I lay in my bed and check my social media until about 0830am or 9am depending on when I got up.

The next thing I do is going to the bathroom and getting ready for the day.

After getting ready I usually go to the kitchen and fill a bottle with water and take a glass with me and now my studying begins… I am either studying in the kitchen or in room it depends if my family is at home or not. I always study in sessions because I just can not concentrate over a long time periode and I feel like taking breaks helps me to remember the things I just learned more. Therefor I am setting a timer for 30min to about an hour and 30min depending how I feel this morning or how much energy I have.

After finishing this session its about 1030am and I am going to take a break. During this break I prepare a small breakfast for myself if I am hungry or I am going to take my dog for a walk. This helps me to get more energy and the fresh air wakes me up a little bit more.

My second study session starts about 1130am and it is the same procedure as the one I did early so there is not much to add on.

Finishing session number two I often chill and watch YouTube, prepare my lunch or do other things.

Around 3pm or 4pm I take the last session of the day. This one is always the hardest to get started because I am usually not really in the mood anymore to do something productive after hanging around and doing nothing the whole noon. However I noticed that even if I have difficulties to start this session it is always one of the most productive ones. While working on my studies during the last session I get more and more into it while doing my tasks. Even though I can work better in the morning and I am the fittest and most motivated there I can also work good in the after noon after I can managed to get up and sit on my desk.

The last session is most of the time the longest and after I have finished it I just chill for the rest of the day.

I know that there are people who study way more than I do during the day especially when the exams are just around the corner. However this is the best way for me to do it and through this I can memorize the things we did in class better. This is also the reason why I started to study a little even last month because I usually need more days to study. What others do in one week I like to do in three.

I hope I could show you what my day looks like :)




Watch me rant, talk and complain about my life… mostly about collage. Anyways enjoy :)